Introducing Our Affiliate Program

Nautical Bits Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate Program?

In case you are not familiar with the term, it’s basically a marketing initiative whereby a seller of goods or services (the ‘merchant’) will reward a 3rd party (the ‘affiliate’ or ‘advertiser’ ) for sending traffic (‘customers’) to their website.

The general principle is an advertiser will aim to promote the merchant’s products via their own website or social media accounts in order to generate sales of those products directly from the merchant’s site. This may be done by placing banner links on their own site, writing product reviews or simply sharing page links from the merchant site.

The reward for a successful promotion resulting in sales is by way of a commission based on the sales value – there are other payment models, however they will not apply in our case.

Introducing Our Affiliate Program

It’s all well and good creating our own eCommerce store, but the real work starts now it is complete. There is little benefit to be gained, having a great range of newly designed products, if we have no visitors! No visitors means No customers!!

So, how do we go about attracting new customers? Well, one way is by creating our own affiliate program.

How Does Our Program Work?

Help us to PROMOTE our Nautical Bits Product Range and EARN commissions on referred sales.

It’s as simple as that. We have an exciting new clothing product range of T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and we will be adding a selection of accessory products including mugs, and beach towels. If you like our designs, our products then we invite you to promote and share them with your friends, followers or via your own website(s) or social network.

Once you join the program*, you will be issued with your own unique link reference so you’ll be able to start sharing straight away. Our tracking system monitors traffic referred via that link reference and attributes it to your account. We will also provide you with a selection of banners for you to use in your promotions. 

Our reward for referred sales based on any of your promotions is a generous commission of 10% of the Net Sales value (i.e. excluding tax & shipping). Payment of commissions will be made monthly subject to meeting a minimum earning criteria – commissions roll over to the next month if it’s not met.

Who Can Join The Program?

The Affiliate Program is open to all. The greater earning opportunity is available to people already involved in affiliate marketing or people with their own website and social media network i.e. they already have a target audience to which they can promote relevant products.

That said, if you are a happy customer and you’re sharing news of your new purchase then why not do it as an affiliate, you may earn some commission at the same time.

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